Companies We Represent

Representing the Best Manufacturers

D. W. Martine & Associates, LLC has been in the field for over 35 years, and we have represented many quality water & wastewater equipment manufacturers.  We are known to collaborate with the best companies, and some are listed below

List of Companies & Equipment

Purestream, Inc.
Purestream ES, LLC
Comminutors, Package Lift Stations, Package Treatment Systems, Package Tertiary Filters, Package RBC Systems, Package Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), Biologically Engineered Single Sludge Treatment (BESST) Systems, Sigma Low-Speed Aerators, Submersible Mixers, and Microscreen Drum Filters.
NewterraMembrane Bioreactor (MBR) Systems – prepackaged, cast in place, or modular MBR systems for private development and municipal applications, Qua-vac Vacuflow – Vacuum collection systems for decentralized wastewater. Remediation Systems for rental or purchase.
Aeration Industries InternationalAire-O2 Aerators & Mixers, Argos SBR systems, Tri-Oval Oxidation Ditch systems, Microfloat DAF, Fixed Film Media
MFG Water TreatmentRBC Covers, Weirs & Baffle Plates, Troughs, Launders, Odor Control Covers, Stamford Clarifier Baffles, and Custom Fiberglass Products
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.Rotary Lobe Blowers and Blower Packages.
Walker Process EquipmentRotating Biological Contactors.
Or-Tec, Inc.Screening/Headworks, Sludge Dewatering (Belt & Screw Presses), Sludge Thickening, Conveying, Polymer Dosing, and DAF Systems.
EnaquaNon-Contact Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
E & I CorporationCatenary Bar Screens, Traveling Water Screens, Grit Collectors, Rectangular Collectors, Skimmers, and Flocculators.
Raschig-USASessil Trickling Filter Media, Bio-Pac Trickling Filter Media, Bio-Net Trickling Filter Media, Dura-Pac Trickling Filter Media, Nor-Pac Tower Packings, and Durasac Screening Systems
Diffused Gas Technologies Inc.Hydro-Chek Coarse Bubble Diffusers, SS Series Plenum Coarse Bubble Diffusers, Membrane Fine Bubble Diffusers, and Ceramic Fine Bubble Diffusers.
Sierra Environmental Technologies, LLCOdor Control Products – Activated Carbon, Impregnated Media & Reactant Chemical Media Adsorbers, Odor/VOC Accessories, and Custom Selected Media.
Neemar, Inc.PLC Control Systems, SCADA Systems, Radio Telemetry, UL Listed Controls Panels.