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The quality companies and products we represent:
Purestream, Inc.
Purestream ES, LLC http://www.purestreaminc.com
Comminutors, Lift Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants, Tertiary Filters, RBC Systems, SBR's, BESST Systems, Low Speed Aerators, Microscreen Drum Filters, Screw Screens
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.  http://www.kaeser.com
Omega Rotary Lobe Positive Displacement Blowers up to 5350 CFM and 350 HP.  Com-paK Plus Rotary Lobe Blower Packages with integral sound enclosures
Walker Process Equipment  http://www.walker-process.com
Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC)
Bay Products, Inc.  http://www.bayprod.com
Odor Control Products - Carbon Absorber Systems, Chemical Wet Scrubbers and Biological Filtraction Systems
MFG Water Treatment Products  http://www.mfgwtp.com
RBC Covers, Weirs & Baffle Plates, Troughs, Launders, Odor Control Covers, Stamford Density Baflles, and Custom Fiberglass Products
E & I Corporation http://www.eandicorp.com
Catenary Bar Screens, Traveling Water Screens, Grit Collectors, Rectangular Collectors, Skimmers and Flocculators
Siemens/Sunlight http://www.siemens.com
Ultraviolet Disinfection Systesm - Open Channel (horizontal & vertical) and Closed Vessel
Jaeger Environmental - Trickling Filter/Bio-Tower Media's consisting of Sessil, Bio-Pac, Bio-Net, Dura-Pac, Nor-Pac and Dura-Sac Screening Systems
Merit Filter Corporation - Filter Bed Rapid Sludge Dewatering System, Lateral Flow Sludge Thickeners and Static Fine Screens

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